Banking Services in Your Own Apps

Now you can enjoy various banking services from BNI in your application. BNI API is the digital solution to easily integrate your application with BNI's banking system directly, using open API technology. BNI supports your businesses whether it's domestic or international business through our API Corporate service and expands your retail businesses with our API Retail service. Improve your business further together with us, with BNI API. #GaPakeNanti
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Whether as lone fighter or a large development team: find an easy start with the help of detailed documentation, easy to use tryouts and simulations in BNI Sandbox. Let’s start sandboxing and go live to enjoy various banking services in your application


BNI not only own hundreds of banking services, but also hundreds of retail business network that can be accessed through BNI API. Thousands of client have used BNI API, join now and find API products you can use to improve your business together with BNI


Learn more about our API Products and see some of our client testimonies to inspire business ideas using BNI API in your application

Angkasa Pura X BNI API One Gate Payment

“Dengan dilaksanakannya pembayaran PT Angkasa Pura I secara sentralisasi di Kantor Pusat layanan OGP membantu kami untuk melaksanakan pembayaran tepat waktu …. ”

- Rianda WA (Payment Senior Manager)

Al Rostamani X Smart Remittance

“..always fast, customer is very happy, mobile transaction is increased and rate is good ..”

- Gil Jr Refuerzo (Philipine Staff Counter)


“BNI API Services has significantly reduce the turn around time of new account opening at our company. This has increased customer satisfaction and enhanced customer experience. ….”

- Putu B Kresna (COO & CFO BNIS)

Featured Products

Here are 3 API products with most client numbers that has gone Live using BNI API. Find other products that are suitable for your business ideas here

One Gate Payment

Solution for company/institure/customer groups to integrate their application with BNI banking transaction services through API

P2P Lending

Financial services to bring together lender’s and borrower’s to make loan agreements via API
10 API

Sharing Billers

Banking service solution that combines payments and purchases capability of partner application to increase revenue and involvement.