One Gate Payment


BNI One Gate Payment (OGP) is a solution for a company/institution/any non-individual customer, to integrate its application/system with banking transaction services through an Application Programming Interface (API) based solutions.

API Service List

Get Balance

Get account balance information registered with the bank.


Get In House Inquiry

Get BNI account information (account name & status).


Do Payment

To make an inhouse transfer transaction, Clearing (SKN), RTGS.


Get Payment Status

To get transfer transaction status.


Get Interbank Inquiry

To get other bank name / account number information.


Get Interbank Payment

To transfer to another bank via the Online Transfer feature (Together, Prima, Link).


Choose your tier. Suitable for your requirements.


Whether as lone fighter or a large development team: find an easy start with the help of detailed documentation, easy to use tryouts and simulations in BNI Sandbox. Let’s start sandboxing and go live to enjoy various banking services in your application


BNI not only own hundreds of banking services, but also hundreds of retail business network that can be accessed through BNI API. Thousands of client have used BNI API, join now and find API products you can use to improve your business together with BNI
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Angkasa Pura X BNI API One Gate Payment


".... Dengan dilaksanakannya pembayaran PT Angkasa Pura I secara sentralisasi di Kantor Pusat layanan OGP membantu kami untuk melaksanakan pembayaran tepat waktu sesuai dengan Service Level Agreement (SLA) yang PT Angkasa Pura I berikan ke vendor Internal dan Ekternal ....."
Rianda Wahju Ardiningtyas
Payment Senior Manager