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As you grow your business to Indonesia, BNI provides solutions companies can leverage to remittances services, bill payment, and othres that you are paying fewer currency conversion fees overalls. With the combination of financial expertise and security features, BNI guarantees the convenience, safety, and real-time transactions process to all Indonesian banks and other services.

SBI Cosmoney Korean PIC 


About SBI Cosmoney

SBI Cosmoney is a member of the SBI Financial Group of Japan. It was formed through a joint venture with SBI Fintech Solutions (950110), a KOSDAQ listed company,and CoinPlug, a leading domestic blockchain technology company. SBI Remit Co., Ltd., an affiliate of the same SBI Group which started operations in 2011, is the current market leader in overseas remittance industry in Japan with remittances amounting to approximately 1.4 trillion Won in 2017. We will continue the legacy of providing excellent products and services in Korea through this know-how and utilizing the international network within the group.

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Remittance API offers cross-border payment (Incoming Remittance) services to all of correspondents around the world. Remittance API Management provides affordable, fast, and secure ...


Vostro Inquiry

Retrieve vostro information from the bank.

Process Order (Process PO)

Send Transaction.