Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) X BNI API One Gate Payment

"The BNI Application Programming Interface (API) is one of the main components in the digital transformation of financial management business processes at Gadjah Mada University."


Syaiful Ali, MIS., Ph.D., Ak.,
CA Direktur Keuangan UGM
About UGM
Universitas Gadjah Mada was born from the struggle for the Indonesian independence revolution. Established in the early period of independence, UGM was appointed as the National Center for Science and Culture for the implementation of national higher education. Established under the name "Universitas Negeri Gadjah Mada", this university is a combination of several higher education institutions that were previously established, including the Gadjah Mada College Hall, the Technical College, and the Political Science Academy located in Yogyakarta, the Legal Expert Education Center. in Solo, as well as the Preclinical Medical College in Klaten, which was ratified by Government Regulation no. 23 of 1949 concerning Regulations for Merging Higher Education into Universiteit.
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One Gate Payment

BNI One Gate Payment (OGP) is a solution for a company/institution/any non-individual customer, to integrate its application/system with banking transaction services through an Application Programming Interface (API) based solutions.


Do Payments

To make an inhouse transfer transaction, Clearing (SKN), RTGS.

Get Balance

Get account balance information registered with the bank.