One Gate Payment

BNI One Gate Payment (OGP) is a solution for a company/institution/any non-individual customer,  to integrate its application/system with banking transaction services through an Application Programming Interface (API) based solutions.

API Feature List

  • Get Balance

    Get account balance information registered with the bank.

  • Get In House Inquiry

    Get BNI account information (account name & status).

  • Do Payment

    To make an inhouse transfer transaction, Clearing (SKN), RTGS.

  • Get Payment Status

    To get transfer transaction status.

  • Get Interbank Inquiry

    To get other bank name / account number information.

  • Get Interbank Payment

    To transfer to another bank via the Online Transfer feature (Together, Prima, Link).

  • Hold Amount

    Hold some portion of BNI account.

  • Hold Amount Release

    Release balance that was hold before.

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