Remittance - API Management is a one of channels that enable you to access directly into BNI Server through Application Programming Interface (API) based solutions. This channel offers cross-border payment (Incoming Remittance) services to all of correspondents around the world. Remittance API Management provides affordable, fast, and secure processing payment system to BNI and all of Banks in Indonesia which has been connected with Local Clearing Settlement. Remittance API Management also ensures your good experience by offering you various services and various payment options to all of Bank in Indonesia, including Interbank, Clearing, Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS), Cash Pick Up Transaction, and many more.

API Feature List

  • Account info inquiry

    Retrieve beneficiary account information from the bank.

  • Process PO (Payment Order)

    Send transaction.

  • PO (Payment Order) information inquiry

    Retrieve transaction status.

  • Vostro inquiry

    Retrieve vostro information from the bank.

  • Cancel PO

    Request to cancel the transaction.

  • Amend PO

    Request to amend the details of transaction (beneficiary name and account).




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