Get to know How

Everything you need to integrate with us and learn about interacting with our APIs in minutes.


BNI Digital Services Portal was developed as a tool that can be used by prospective partners BNI to get information about the digital payment solutions owned by BNI.

Step 1 : Register as a Developer

If you are an existing BNI Digital Services user, log in to your dashboard. If not, sign-up for BNI Digital Services - it's free to test.

Sign up for Account

Step 2 : Sandboxing

Once you’ve registered, and confirmed your email, you’ll be able to access your Application Dashboard.

You can create your first app here. You can also set you prefered API you want to use. Oh, don’t forget to add the Utility API for access the token, you will need it to access other API.


Before you finish set your project. Go to the authentification tab and generate your API Key and Oauthentification Credential. Just click on Actions, view the secret code and make a note a note of these credentials*, you will use them in the next step.


On your application detail, choose the API you want to test. Then pick services you want to use. Choose your client ID and request your token.

On your sandbox, fill all of parameters as requested. Don't forget to copy you token into access_token box, and API key if needed. Then just click on try it out. You will see the result as follows and voila! you’re ready to rock!!

How to Generate Signature



Step 3 : Start your business

Now you’ve got comfortable making API calls, check out our plans & rate limits - and if you want to try some more features, feel free to explore our full API Documentation.

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