API Feature List

  • Get Payment Status

    Check SBN retail payment status

  • Create Account

    Creating a retail SBN investor account

  • Create Booking

    Make a booking for SBN

  • Create Investor

    Registering retail SBN investors

  • Create Redemption

    Make a refund from booking

  • Create Sub Account

    Creating a retail SBN investor sub account

  • Activate Investor

    Activating investor

  • Deactivate Investor

    Deactivating investor

  • Delete Fund Account

    Deleting the main investor account

  • Delete Sub Account

    Delete the investor's main sub account

  • Get All Bank

    Show list of all SBN distributor banks

  • Get Book By Billing Code

    Show bookings via billing code

  • Get Book Redeemable

    Show bookings that can be taken back

  • Get All Book Series By SID

    Show list of bookings based on SID

  • Get Book Offered By SID

    Show list of available bookings based on SID

  • Get All Cities

    Show list of cities

  • Get Customer

    Show customer data

  • Get Customer Fund Account

    Show the customer's primary account

  • Get Investor By Filter

    Get investors by filters

  • Get Investor By SID

    Get investors by SID

  • Get All Pekerjaan

    Get a list of jobs

  • Get All Participant

    Get a list of participants

  • Get All Payment Channel

    Get a list of payment channels

  • Get All Province

    Get a list of provinces

  • Get Quota By Series ID

    Get quota by serial ID

  • Get All Series

    Show all SBN series list

  • Get All Offered Series

    Show all list of available SBN series

  • Get Series By ID

    Show SBN series based on ID

  • Get Customer Sub Account

    Get a sub investor account

  • Get Sub Registry

    Get sub registry

  • Get All Status Transaksi

    Show the entire transaction status

  • Get Redemption By Series ID and SID

    Show payment details by serial ID and SID

  • Get Redemption By Reedem Code

    Show payment details by redeem code

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