Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Frequently Asked Questions

Token will be active for 1 hour (3600 second).
Token can always be used in it's active period.
Check the content-type, and make sure it's like in document spec

Do the OGP trials in sandbox endpoint ( To get the API Credential, please register first through our register page.
API doPayment (in-house) = no limit
API doPayment (RTGS) = min 100 million/transaction
API doPayment (clearing) = max 1 billion/transaction
API interbank payment = max 25 million/day
User API Get Payment Status to get payment status. If payment status success, you shouldn't repeat the transaction.

Fill with blank string ("") example:
companyId: "INSTAMONEY";
parentCompanyId: "";
All field is mandatory. But if there is no information for specific field, please fill with blank string ("").
No. You must fill both field. Field mobilePhone1 can be used to fill mobile phone's first 4 digits and fill the rest digits in mobilePhone2
service Inquiry Payment Status:
Transaction type for service Inquiry Payment Status:
- paymentUsingTransfer
- paymentUsingClearing
- paymentUsingRTGS
- paymentUsingInterbank
Check the Troubleshooting section in specification document
For testing in sandbox, based on Application Name that you create in sandbox.
For production, companyId will be informed by our business team after Agreement has been made.